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An’s Seed

by Zaozao Wang

illustrated by Li Huang

translated by Helen Wang

Picture Book


9.2 x 9.0, 40 pages


March, 2017

ISBN 9781945295133

U.S. $15.99 / CAN. $20.99

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Simple text and appealing pictures illustrate the story of the three young monks' activities simultaneously to provide interesting pictures of their different personalities. Best shared one-on-one.

—School Library Journal

A young boy’s good works and service are rewarded with the blossoming of a beautiful lotus flower.

—Youth Services Book Review Starred Review

This is a lovely, gentle tale, ideal for students who are learning Chinese.

—Outside In World

An’s Seed is an inspiring reminder to practice patience in all things. Each page will elicit the frost of winter, the warmth of spring, the bright sunshine of summer, and the chill of autumn wind.

—Plant Talk: Inside The New York Botanical Garden

“Candied Plums showcases the variety and art of China's children's literature at a time when the United States receives precious little exposure to the vibrancy of contemporary Chinese culture. The books can be used as educational tools to learn about Chinese language about culture, but most crucially stand alone as unique, captivating stories with universal appeal. They are beautifully produced and deserve to be read by children (and adults) the world over.”

—Michael Buening

Director of Public Programs at China Institute

“Teachers of our kids program are immediately charmed by the Candied Plums books, and instantly talked about building a fun unit plan around one or two books for this coming semester. These books are perfect for kids to get excited about stories written in Chinese, especially outside of Chinese speaking regions. I would recommend to any teachers and/or parents who are seeking fun, beautiful, and well-written books in Chinese.”

—Shenzhan Liao

Director of Education & Dean at China Institute

The front endpaper begins the story with the footprints of An and a puppy in a solemn autumn, while the back endpaper resonates with a lushly green summer. The author skillfully shows how composed An is after the blooming of his thousand-year lotus, and ends the story with his water carrying and labor. The rhythm of season and time are beyond description.

Fok Yuk Ying from the Education University of Hong Kong

I'd give Candied Plums a hug if I could. We have a very large Chinese population and I'm always struggling to find good Chinese language books to add to our collection. These are gorgeous and I love the fact that they are contemporary Chinese picture books. We have many translations of American titles but not as many original Chinese stories. I am also very glad of the full English descriptions of the books on the website.

—Julie Rines from Thomas Crane Public Library

The master gave Ben, Jing, and An one dormant lotus seed each. Ben ran off to look for a hoe and buried his seed in the snow-covered ground. Jing chose the best flowerpot and compost. An led his everyday life as usual, waiting patiently until spring came.




Zaozao Wang is the author of more than 80 books for children. She was once a journalist and editor, now a member of Beijing Writers Association. She lives in Beijing and dedicated her life in picture book and children's literature creation.

Li Huang is the illustrator of several children's books. She said she had seen herself in the story of An's Seed.

Helen Wang translates fiction and essays from Chinese, both for adults and younger readers. Her most recent translation for children is Bronze and Sunflower by Wenxuan Cao, published in 2015 in the UK by Walker Books.