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Who Wants Candied Hawberries? (English)

by Dongni Bao

illustrated by Di Wu

translated by Adam Lanphier

Picture Book


8.1 x 10.2, 44 pages

Ages 4-8

March, 2017

ISBN 9781945295195

U.S. $15.99 / CAN. $20.99

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A heartwarming story with a bit of mystery, available in both English and Chinese. 

—Kirkus Reviews

A magical heart-warming tale with charming expressive watercolour-and–coloured-pencil artwork that really captures the atmosphere of the wintery Beijing streets.

—Outside In World

A wonderful book for children to learn about Chinese culture along with the Chinese language.

—Youth Services Book Review Starred Review

The cat-loving old man and helpful kittens with a sweet tooth are an eye-opening twist to old tales, which often relate romantic relationships with fox spirits. The illustrations of the picture book make an excellent “spot-the-kitten” game. Images of cats and feline associations are everywhere on the pages, some straightforward, others whimsical, subtle, and occasionally requiring knowledge of the Chinese language.

—Chinese Books for Young Readers

A quirky, quiet story, muffled by the snow, tapping into Chinese mythology. It just goes to show a little bit of magic can happen in the smallest and most ordinary of places and even the most humble creatures know kindness.

—HoneyKids Asia

“Candied Plums showcases the variety and art of China's children's literature at a time when the United States receives precious little exposure to the vibrancy of contemporary Chinese culture. The books can be used as educational tools to learn about Chinese language about culture, but most crucially stand alone as unique, captivating stories with universal appeal. They are beautifully produced and deserve to be read by children (and adults) the world over.”

—Michael Buening

Director of Public Programs at China Institute

When winter comes around, Beijing's streets and alleys are full of candied hawberry sellers peddling this traditional treat. The sweet aroma of sugar syrup fills the streets as kids enjoy their bright red candied hawberries. Today, a kind old peddler pushes his cart on his normal route through Cat's Eye Hutong, but hasn't seen any customer. Who will come to buy candied hawberries on such a freezing day?

冰糖 英文.jpg

冰糖 英文1.jpg

Dongni Bao was born and grew up in Beijing's hutong. She is a productive writer of children's picture books with more than 200 works published in recent years and has received many awards. She is also a child psychologist and magazine editor.

Di Wu is the illustrator of several books for children. She grew up in Beijing and draws much of her inspiration from traditional culture of the city.

Adam Lanphier grew up in Washington, D.C., and graduated from Oberlin College with a B.A. in East Asian Studies. He lived in Beijing from 2005 until 2008, where he worked as a writer and freelance translator. Adam currently teaches and translates Mandarin in New York City. He travels whenever he can.